About Us

     The history of Faith Baptist Church began late in 1960 through the influence of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Noland.  Pastor Clifford C. Ecker of the First Baptist Church, Bradford, conducted Thursday night Bible classes in several different homes in the Toulon area.

     October 15, 1961: The group obtained the Rebecca Lodge and held the first regular church service under the leadership of Pastor Ecker. 

Rebecca Lodge – W Main St, Toulon, IL (now called the Bistro)

     October 22, 1961: The group met to vote on the name of the church.  New Hope Baptist Church received one vote; Grace Baptist Church received three votes, and Faith Baptist Church received eight votes. A  month later the services were moved to the second floor of the Packer Building at 223 W. Main.

Packer Building – W Main St, Toulon, IL

     December 14, 1961, saw the securing of a charter membership consisting of twelve names.

     February 9, 1962: The charter members adopted the corporate name of Faith Baptist Church.  Deacon-Trustees were elected and steps taken to file incorporation papers with the State of Illinois.

     May 3, 1962: The church extended a call to Lawrence Mullinax to come as it’s first full time Pastor.  Under the leadership of Pastor Mullinax, the church purchased the Carol Noland property at 120 North Olive, containing one and a half lots of land with a home to be used as a parsonage.  The purchase cost was $9,000.

     July 6, 1962: The church filed it’s Articles of Incorporation with the Secretary of State of Illinois, now with eighteen names on the Charter Membership List.

     September 1963: The church moved from the Packer Building to the basement of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dustin at 624 E. Jefferson.   


Dustin’s Home – Jefferson St, Toulon, IL

     April 5, 1966: Faith came to fruition with a ground-breaking ceremony for the construction of a church building.

     September 11, 1966: The first service was held in the new church basement.  Thursday nights became designated as work night at Faith Baptist.  All of the finishing, the painting, and installation of fixtures was done by the people of the church.

     February 22, 1970: The congregation rejoiced to hold it’s first meeting in the new auditorium with 58 present.

Current Building – 310 E Vine St, Toulon, IL

     March 29, 1970: The new building was dedicated to the service of the Lord.

     July 5, 1970: The church held it’s first baptism service inside the building, with fourteen people being presented for baptism.

     April 5, 1989: The church expanded it’s property with the purchase of the lot to the East of the church building for $6,000.

     October 13, 2002:  The church interior was destroyed by fire from a faulty light fixture in the church basement.

     March 30, 2003: The church building was re-dedicated for the Lord’s use here in Toulon.